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Discover Scuba for kids


Did you know that kids can dive? 

Nowadays, scuba diving has become an extremely safe safe that even kids from 10 years and up can learn how to do dive and get into the Ocean almost instantly! 

Diving is a step forward for the kids in several ways. Children taking the Discover Scuba for Kids, will not only enjoy the new skills as divers, but will also have a great adventure during the learning process itself, from the discovering of the interesting concepts behind diving to the thrilling moment of getting into the ocean for the first time! They will live a great personal experience and account some awesome stories to share with friends.


Course Technical Information


Course FAQs


How does it work?



• Kids adapted, oral theory without the pressure of an exam

• Almost immediate access to the water with lots of fun-time below the surface

• Permanent professional supervision for maximum safety



What’s included?


• Full rental dive gear for the pool and ocean dives

• A boat excursion with 2 dives, refreshments and snacks

• Direct supervision of a PADI Scuba Instructor

• Participants registration on the PADI web-page

• Tons of fun that won’t let you go anymore!


What will I do?



• A short introduction to the theory of diving to be best prepared prior to enter the water

• A fun pool-session mainly to get confident breathing under water and to learn some essential skills

• Boat excursion with 2 dives in the ocean to get the ultimate feeling of scuba diving between 12m/40ft of depth.



Can I do it?



• Everybody can involve from 10 years onward (8 to 10 years in pool only)

• No previous experience required

• A medical questionnaire has to be completed and might indicate a contraindication to check with your doctor.



Course prices and packages


Ready to become a diver? Choose options and book your course right away! 

$50.00 each Discover Scuba course for kids.



What else will the kids learn and do during the diving course?

When children participate in our Discover Scuba for kids program, they discover something beyond the excitement coming from the own adventure of diving.


  • They discover a new angle about freedom and serenity.
  • A refreshed appreciation and respect for the "adults rules and procedures".
  • A new perspective about Nature and the real dimensions of their planet.
  • New knowledge about their world, through the early learning of several physicochemical and physiological processes included in the diving theoretical and practical "wisdom bag". 


Give your kid(s) the coolest gift! 

As'll be the coolest mom or dad ever!

Check this short PADI Discover Scuba for Kids video. =>

If you think this could be for your children... click in the button below to contact us and we'll help you planning a "deep surprise".





Summer-Salt Dive Center is a full service dive operator and member of the PADI International Resort and Retailer Association. 


We are in Playas del Coco, a coastal town famous as "the for diving" in Costa Rica.

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